Mission: Salaam Bombay Foundation engages ‘at risk’ adolescents  through in-school leadership programmes and after-school sports, arts, media and vocational training academies. These programmes build their self-esteem and give them the confidence to stay in school.

About Salaam Bombay Foundation: Priyanka now has the ability to pay for college through her part-time job as a hair and beauty technician. Lokesh’s internship as a mobile repair technician has taken him a couple of steps closer to his dream job. Amar’s cricket training makes it possible for him to apply for the position of an assistant coach in a private club. All of them have one thing in common – life and vocational skill development at Salaam Bombay Foundation. The organization ensures “at risk” youth growing up in urban slums have access to programmes in sports, arts, media and vocational skills. These programmes build their self-esteem, encourage them to stay in school, and gives them the tools to work towards sustainable careers. 

Serving: Mumbai’s most vulnerable “at risk” children between ages 11-17 who are most likely to drop out of school.

Learn More: https://www.salaambombay.org/