Mission: We create life-changing wishes for children with a critical illness.

Make-A-Wish Foundation® of India is a non-profit organization that has fulfilled 61,458 wishes. The Foundation is dedicated to granting the most cherished wish of children between the ages of 3 and 18 years, diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition, mostly Cancer.  It is a registered trust under Bombay Public Trust Act. The year 2020 is it’s silver jubilee year, and their Vision 2020 is to grant the wish of the 75,000thchild then. For children battling life-threatening illnesses the joys of childhood are replaced with a daily battle for survival, painful treatment, medication and endless rounds of hospitals. The fulfilment of the most cherished wish of such a child has a therapeutic effect on the child. Doctors have often reported an improvement in the child’s physical condition, after the fulfilment of his / her dearest wish.

Serving: Make-A-Wish India grants wishes of children from socio-economically deprived section of the society who are referred to us by pediatric doctors in the government hospitals.

Learn More: www.makeawishindia.org or
write to Deepak on ceo@makeawishindia.org